lunedì 29 marzo 2010


Its amazing to think that All Inn Records is only on its fourth release. Yes, fourth! With the previous releases picking up huge DJ and chart support, the reputation of the label is growing at a rapid rate. Their work in supporting young, up and coming production talent has seen them release material from exciting artists including Jay Bliss, Mihai Popviciu, Massimo di Lena, Summed & Dot, Negru & Boola and more...Today we welcome another fresh Italian duo in the guise of 'Pulpyt. The Bologna boys, Andrea Grasso (UES) and Lino Pugliese (LINUZ) are the talents behind the act. After several years of friendship, the pair decided, during the summer of 2009, that they would team up and work together on a new project.The first music to be spawned from their debut session was 'Free People', a track that was immediately picked up by Phil Weeks for his Robsoul label. Whist the pair for now, have returned to concentrate on solo material, All Inn Records prepare to drop their superb 'Pulp This!' EP.Not only are we treated to three original cuts, of pure, unadulterated house music in 'DaDip', 'Downrevolution' and 'Yankee', but Pulpyt also treat us the digital only numbers 'Hollinn' and 'Shut Up'... something we hope this pair do not adhere to for a very long time! Enjoy!

TRACKLIST -> A - Yankee / B1 - Dadip / B2 - Downvolution

Hollinn + Shut Up Digital Exclusive


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